Université Paris Diderot - CNRS
Laboratoire SPHERE, UMR 7219
bâtiment Condorcet, case 7093
5 rue Thomas Mann
75205 Paris cedex 13

office 396A
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one hasn't understood anything until one can explain

Introduction to DAG seminar



I'm a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics, currently working at SPHERE in Paris 7/Diderot.

Current interests :

  • Sweedler theory and Bar-cobar constructions
  • Relative algebraic geometry
  • Goodwillie Calculus and infinity-topos theory





- A paper on the cofree coalgebra over a cooperad.

- More slides of our work with André Joyal on bar-cobar constructions.

- The first version of our work with André Joyal on bar-cobar constructions.

- Slides of André Joyal's talk at the AMS meeting (Boston 2012) on our work on bar-cobar constructions barcobarboston.pdf

- A note about why deformations are cohomological

- Introductory notes to derived categories categoriesderivees_tout.pdf

- with Adam Clay, about orderable groups and bundles arXiv:math.AT/1208.5844

- Grothendieck topologies from factorisation systems arXiv:math.AG/0902.1130

- with Bertrand Toën about the countability of derived equivalence classes (in french): arxiv:math.AG/0611545
published in the Journal of Algebraic Geometry

- My PhD thesis (in french): Moduli stacks for linear and abelian categories

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