Franco Saliola


Automne 2015

MAT7600: Algèbre


Hiver 2015

MAT2160: Analyse complexe I
MAT2260: Théorie des anneaux

Automne 2014

MAT2250: Théorie des groupes


Hiver 2014

MAT5920: Séminaire II
MAT995H: Séminaire de combinatoire algébrique

Automne 2013

MAT2000: Algèbre II
MAT7600: Algèbre


Hiver 2013

MAT7200: Algèbre Homologique
MAT5920: Séminaire II

Automne 2012

MAT3100: Algèbre linéaire III (Modules et représentations)


Hiver 2011

MAT3010: Analyse complexe I
MAT995C: Séminaire de combinatoire

Automne 2010

MAT8882: Séminaire de maîtrise, Automne 2010

Winter 2010

Math 1310: Integral Calculus with Applications (York University)

Mini-courses, co-teaching, ...

Introduzione a Sage, May/June 2009
An intensive, introductory workshop on Sage delivered at the Universita di Siena. While the lectures were delivered in Italian; the worksheets are available in English.
Introduction to Sage, May 2008
A short, intensive, introductory workshop on Sage delivered at the Université du Québec à Montréal in May 2008.
Combinatoire algébrique, Automne 2006
A graduate course on algebraic combinatorics at UQAM during the Fall 2006 semester. This course was co-taught with François Bergeron and Aaron Lauve.